7th of June 2022

What Does an Ophthalmologist Do?

An Ophthalmologist is a medical specialist who is an expert in eye health. An Ophthalmologist has completed basic medical school and graduated as a medical doctor, worked several years as a junior doctor in the hospital system, and then embarked on a 5-year training program for Ophthalmology. Often this is followed by a fellowship year gaining further subspecialist skills in a particular area. For instance, A/Prof Simon Skalicky completed his fellowship in Glaucoma and Cataract surgery in Cambridge, UK, following Ophthalmology training in Australia. 

Ophthalmologists are trained to be experts in diagnosing eye conditions, and provide both medical and surgical treatment for eye conditions. This involves acquiring the skills of a microsurgeon to operate skilfully on eyes. A/Prof Simon Skalicky is a highly skilled Ophthalmic surgeon specialising in surgery for cataracts and glaucoma, from regular to highly complex cases. Ophthalmologists often work in collaboration with other eye health care clinicians, such as Optometrists or Opticians. They provide support, diagnostic certainty and clinical guidance to their Optometric colleagues for cases where collaborative care is appropriate. A/Prof Skalicky is one of the champions of the collaborative care model between Ophthalmology and Optometry for glaucoma. He prides himself on a good working relationship with many Optometrists in Melbourne, Australia.