Excellence in patient care Dr Simon Skalicky delivers exceptional care that is respectful and responsive to individual patients.
An advocate for your vision Simon is passionate to improve life for all patients with glaucoma and to promote glaucoma education and awareness.
Accomplished In 2017 Dr Simon Skalicky was recognised by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists as a Rising Star.

Why Dr Simon Skalicky?

Dr Simon Skalicky is a Melbourne-based Ophthalmologist achieving excellence in the management of glaucoma specialisation and cataract surgery. His advanced surgical skillset and adoption of the most innovative, cutting edge technologies affords his patients access to world class care.

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Dr Skalicky offers personalised care with a gentle, kind manner.

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Our Technology

Simon takes a modern, innovative approach to surgery, using the very latest specialised equipment to monitor and treat glaucoma and cataracts.

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Accreditations & Credentials

Dr Skalicky is an active clinician, surgeon, researcher, teacher, academic and health advocate who has published over 40 articles in international Ophthalmology journals. Known as an Ophthalmologist ahead of the times, Dr Skalicky’s career highlights are exceptional and atypical for his age.