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iStent - Cataracts and Glaucoma

Dr Skalicky was one of the first Australian surgeons to perform the iStent inject in 2016. Since then he has performed a large number of iStent surgeries and is one of the most experienced iStent surgeons in Australia.

What is an iStent?

The iStent ® inject is exciting new technology available for patients with glaucoma.  It is a second-generation device, consisting of two miniature titanium stents less than 0.5mm in length – the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA. The tiny device inserted at the time of cataract surgery to help drain fluid from your eye, resulting in lowered eye pressure.

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What causes high intraocular pressure?

The term intraocular pressure refers to the pressure inside the eye, which is kept balanced and healthy by a circulatory fluid system; fluid is produced, spread and drained to keep it equalised and stable. In glaucoma, fluid does not drain properly from the eye. The eye pressure will become too high for an individual and damages the optic nerve. This can cause vision loss.

12. normal circulation of fluid

Normal circulation of fluid within the eye

9. istent

The iStent: bypassing blockage of fluid outflow

How does iStent lower eye pressure?

iStent is designed to create a permanent opening in your eye’s drainage system, bypassing the blockage to improve the outflow of fluid from your eye. Normally two istents are inserted at the time of surgery, increasing fluid outflow, drainage and lowering eye pressure within the eye.

When is iStent right for you?

The iStent is only available for those patients who are planning to have cataract surgery and also have glaucoma. The procedure is highly beneficial for a person's ongoing eye-health and welbeing. Best of all, surgical time is hardly increased and there is no difference in the post operative management.

istent 6

Two iStents in the drainage angle

Accreditations & Credentials

Dr Skalicky is an active clinician, surgeon, researcher, teacher, academic and health advocate who has published over 60 articles in international Ophthalmology journals. Known as an Ophthalmologist ahead of the times, Dr Skalicky’s career highlights are exceptional atypical for his age.