20th of May 2022

Preparing for Your First Ophthalmology Checkup – What to Expect

Seeing a specialist can be anxiety-provoking but you can relax – at A/Prof Simon Skalicky’s practice, the rooms are beautiful and comfortable, and the staff are warm, friendly and provide exceptional service. Please make sure you have a valid referral from either your Optometrist, General Practitioner or other medical Specialist.

When you are making your appointment, you may receive a quote so you understand what costs are involved in both the consultation and the ancillary testing; such testing is necessary for your Ophthalmologist to correctly assess the state of health of your eyes. Please inquire as to whether you can drive to the appointment or need alternative transport; often you may need your pupils dilated for your Ophthalmologist to fully inspect your cataracts, and this may blur your vision for several hours following the consultation and prevent safe driving.

When you arrive you will be seen by an Orthoptist prior to seeing the Ophthalmologist. They will perform preliminary testing and diagnostic tests, especially to assess for any glaucoma. After this you will be seen by your Ophthalmologist, A/Prof Simon Skalicky.

A/Prof Simon Skalicky likes to take the time to get to know you, chat about what you like to do in life and what you hope for your vision. Whatever your eye problem, he is happy to take the time to listen to you, carefully examine you eyes and then clearly explain the problems you might have and some potential options. If you need treatment, you do not need to make any decisions about it there and then – you may wish to take information printouts, read them and then continue the discussion later with A/Prof Skalicky after you have considered your options. A/Prof Skalicky will provide a detailed summary of the consultation as a letter to your referrer which you are free to also receive should you wish.