5th of July 2022

Cataract Pre-Operation & Post-Operation Visits

If you are about to undertake cataract surgery, you should know that a key to excellent results from cataract surgery is meticulous planning before surgery, and great care following surgery.
Before surgery, A/Prof Skalicky feels it is important to get to know you, form a bond and find out what you like to do in your life, what your hopes for your vision are. Cataract surgery involves removing the cataract and replacing it with a specially designed intraocular lens. There are several types of lenses that can be inserted, with impressive advances in technology recently, including Extended Depth of Focus lenses. A/Prof Skalicky believes it is important to discuss all the options with you, weighing up all the pros and cons, to get to the right choice of intraocular lens; there is no “one size fits all” and these choices are based on your individual circumstance.
A/Prof Skalicky knows that dry eye syndrome is common, and if not properly addressed before cataract surgery, can lead to discomfort and glare following otherwise routine surgery. He takes time to discuss this with you and ways to optimise the eye surface before surgery.
A/Prof Skalicky also takes time to discuss potential complications of surgery – while these are very rare, it is only right (and respectful to you) that you understand the potential of these; that through expert care following the surgery the visual outcomes are usually very good even if the surgery did not go 100% as planned.
Once cataract surgery has been booked, very careful measurements are taken y highly trained staff using only the latest and best precision instruments, to ensure only the most accurate measurements and outcomes.
Following cataract surgery A/Prof Skalicky will personally see you at day 1, week 1 and month 1. Such careful follow up is not always provided by other cataract surgeons and is essential for personalised care, to ensure your comfort and reassurance following the surgery, and to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved.
A/Prof Skalicky makes himself available to you for whatever questions or concerns you might have, either before or after the surgery.