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CyPass microstent - Cataracts and Glaucoma

Dr Skalicky was one of Australia’s first surgeons to use the CyPass when it became available in 2017. As one of the most experienced CyPass surgeons in Australia, Dr Skalicky is of the first modern academics to publish on this surgical pathway.

What is a CyPass?

CyPass is a micro-stent and a minimally invasive glaucoma surgical device. The apparatus is specifically designed to treat patients with mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma who are also undergoing cataract surgery. The CyPass is sometimes appropriate to treat glaucoma for those who are not undergoing cataract surgery, that is, as a stand-alone procedure. 

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Cypass 2

The CyPass sitting in place

How CyPass® Micro-Stent works

The CyPass Micro-Stent assists for those who have intraocular pressure that is higher than normal. Left untreated, high eye pressure can cause glaucoma and permanent vision loss. The purpose of the CyPass is to reduce pressure inside the eye by draining out fluid. It is in the shape of a small tube, which is inserted at the eye’s drainage angle. The tube has an entry point on one end and a series of holes throughout its body to drain the liquid flowing through. 

When is the CyPass® Micro-Stent right for you?

The CyPass is currently available for patients who have glaucoma and are undergoing cataract surgery. It is also approved as a standalone procedure; however Medicare only provides funding for CyPass if combined with cataract surgery.

Accreditations & Credentials

Dr Skalicky is an active clinician, surgeon, researcher, teacher, academic and health advocate who has published over 60 articles in international Ophthalmology journals. Known as an Ophthalmologist ahead of the times, Dr Skalicky’s career highlights are exceptional atypical for his age.